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PIC/DSPIC Microcontroller, Human Machine Interface, PIC32 Family PIC32MX Series Microcontrollers

The PIC32MX534F064H-I/PT is a 32-bit 64kB 64-pin Microcontroller that features a graphics interface, USB, CAN, and Ethernet. The CPU fetches instructions, decodes each instruction, fetches source operands, executes each instruction, and writes the results of instruction execution to the destinations. The MIPS32 M4K processor core contains several logic blocks working together in parallel, providing an efficient high-performance computing engine. The MIPS® M4K® processor core offers many power management features, including low-power design, active power management, and power-down modes of operation. The core is a static design that supports slowing or Halting the clocks, which reduces system power consumption during idle periods.

  • MCU core - USB 2.0 On-The-Go peripheral with integrated PHY
  • MCU system - 4-channel hardware DMA controller and programmable vector interrupt controller
  • Analog - Fast and accurate 16-channel 10-bit ADC
  • Power management modes - Run, idle and sleep modes
  • Debug - 8 hardware breakpoints (6 instruction and 2 data), 2-wire programming, debugging interface
  • Fail-safe clock monitor - Allows safe shutdown if clock fails
  • Hardware RTCC (real-time clock and calendar with alarms)
  • 2 Internal oscillators (8MHz and 31kHz)
  • Watchdog timer with separate RC oscillator
  • Pin compatible with 16-bit PIC® MCUs
  • Serial communication modules allow flexible UART/SPI/I²C™ configuration

Power Management, Industrial

Technical Doc: PIC32MX534F064H-I/PT  Datasheet

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PIC32 Family PIC32MX Series Microcontrollers

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