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ColdFire Microcontroller, Modular Architecture, Coldfire Family MC683xx Series Microcontrollers

The MC68331CEH20 is a 32-bit Modular Microcontroller that combines high-performance data manipulation capabilities with powerful peripheral subsystems. MCU is built up from standard modules that interface through a common inter-module bus. Standardization facilitates the rapid development of devices tailored for specific applications. The MCU incorporates a 32-bit CPU, a system integration module, a general-purpose timer, and a queued serial module. The MCU can either synthesize an internal clock signal from an external reference or use an external clock input directly. Operation with a 32.768kHz reference frequency is standard. The maximum system clock speed is 20.97MHz. Because MCU operation is fully static, register and memory contents are not affected by a loss of the clock. High-density complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor architecture makes the basic power consumption of the MCU low. The CPU32 instruction set includes a low-power stop command that efficiently implements this capability.

  • Modular architecture
  • Central processing unit (CPU32)
  • Upward object code compatible
  • Virtual memory implementation
  • Loop mode of instruction execution
  • Table lookup and interpolate instruction
  • Trace on change of flow
  • Hardware breakpoint signal, background mode
  • Fully static operation
  • External bus support
  • Programmable chip-select outputs
  • System protection logic
  • Watchdog timer, clock monitor, and bus monitor
  • Test/debug sub module for factory/user test and development
  • Queued serial peripheral interface - 80-byte RAM, up to 16 automatic transfers
  • Dual function I/O ports
  • General-purpose timer
  • Three input capture channels
  • Four output compare channels
  • 2 Pulse-width modulation outputs

Automation & Process Control, Industrial

Technical DocMC68331CEH20  Datasheet

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Coldfire Family MC683xx Series Microcontrollers

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