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Plug & Trust Secure Element, 2.5V to 3.6V, HVSON-8

The A71CH Solution provides basic security measures protecting the IC against many physical and logical attacks. It can be used with various host platforms and host operating systems to secure a broad range of applications. It is complemented by a comprehensive product support package, offering easy design-in with plug & play host application code, easy-to-use development kits, reference designs, and extensive documentation for product evaluation. The A71CH operates fully autonomously based on an integrated Javacard operating system and applet. Direct memory access is possible by the fixed functionalities of the applet only. With that, the content from the memory is fully isolated from the host system.

  • Secure, zero-touch connectivity
  • End-to-end security, from chip to edge to cloud
  • Secure credential injection for IC-level root of trust
  • Protected Access storage, generation, insertion, or deletion of 4 key pairs (ECC NISTP-256)
  • Systematically enforced authentication
  • Secure key management
  • Protected Access storage, insertion, or deletion of 3 public keys
  • Signature generation and verification (ECDSA)
  • The shared secret calculation for Key Agreement (ECDH or ECDH-E)
  • Protected Access storage and use of 2 monotonic counters (32 bits each)
  • A unique chip ID (18 bytes)
  • HKDF key derivation using the symmetric secrets as key, Extract & Expand or Expand only modes
  • HMAC SHA256 calculation in one shot or sequential
  • Freezing of credentials (= OTP behavior)

Technical DocA7101CHTK2/T0BC2VJ  Datasheet

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