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Inductors, chokes, and coils are found in many electronic applications and can be typically found in computers, automotive, and medical equipment. IIESPL offers a wide range of Inductor Components.

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Passive Components

There are several components in the electrical circuits & gadgets which have a passive role but without the presence of such components, the connectivity will not be established & the ensemble will be incomplete.


Automation Process Control

Automation Process Control is also known as Process Automation System or PAS. The process requires a network to connect & interconnect sensors, controllers, actuators, & operator terminals.


Sensors & Transducers

Sensors & Transducers are mostly used in loudspeakers. IIESPL have a trained team of experts who can provide the optimum product detail & description to the customers. These respond to signals with agility.


“IIESPL provides a wide range of products giving best quality products in minimal range.”