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offsite tape vaulting

Shielding critical Business Information Offsite and Offline produces certainty in retrieving data when it’s obliged.

One should be converging more on the tasks primary for the business. But with the increasing amount of decisive business information needing to be backed up and preserved, we’re compelled to spend time and money to manage the process, media, and amenities. By shifting tapes offsite and into the supervision of a trusted third party with proven resources, chain-of-custody, technology, and expertise focused on guarding your data, one can lessen downtime and get back up and running because our business depends on it.

Protecting and conserving Business data offsite – meeting compliance necessities while securing data availability

Dealing with the outgrowths of hardware flaws, human errors, software corruption, and artificial or natural disasters can affect productivity. But the data has to be backed up and, more importantly, protected offsite so it’s available for recovery.

IIE Semiconductors Offsite Tape Vaulting Services administers a complete data protection solution for transporting, collecting, handling, and recovering the backup media from a defended, offsite facility. We have the expertise to assure that you will get back up and should operate the unforeseen occurrence. Our definite chain-of-custody etiquettes and unharmed logistics ensure that the crucial information is protected while in transit and at rest. And, as the media manages all the proven procedures and best practices, our clients will be sure to attain what they require when they need it, anytime; an internal or external source inquires data from a specific tape.

Offsite Tape Vaulting Data Tape
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Know that your offsite media inventory was both complete and accurate

Hidden or incomplete media inventory disparities represent a vital risk to the business, particularly when unaccounted for media at any time is requested as part of an audit or litigation request or in acknowledgment of a failure recovery episode. And it can entail significant time, energy, and expense to search for and locate lost media.

It’s in your best interest to know your inventory is reliable and impeccable.  IIE Semiconductors Inventory Audit Service presents an extra measure of belief by helping our customers distinguish precisely what data they have and where it dwells.

Depending on the necessities and the sanity our customers are performing an audit, there are several Inventory Audit service possibilities ready to assist you:

  • Inventory ComparisonManageable and practical, present your media barcode numbers, and we will generate a record that will show you any disparities. IIE Semiconductors provides this service free of cost for our Offsite Tape Vaulting consumers.
  • Reasoning Vault InspectionScan and record. IIE Semiconductors team examines all or a subset of the barcodes for the media stored in our vault. When complete, your authorized users will receive a statement of the conclusions, including any errors, duplications, or dropping items.
  • Customer Scan: IIE Semiconductors presents an opportunity for its customers, giving them an area where they can perform an onsite audit using their staff. We will then help our customers with the audit and support them fix any variances that may emerge.